The Story of AYI MATCHMAKERS

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    After having had unfortunate experiences employing domestic helpers (referred to in China as Ayis) not matching her family's requirements, expat mom Anne got together with Bonnie and Yolanda in January 2018, to embark on a journey to create a unique concept in the Ayi agency world.

    The aim was to use Bonnie's and Yolanda's vast experience in placing Ayis, along with Anne's strong business acumen, to help fellow expat moms and other internationally minded people in Shanghai, finding the right Ayi for them and their families.


    We have come far since our first client and Ayi match, we are proud of what we have achieved so far, and we look forward to continuing the growth of our business and clients.


    We’re a team committed to serving you in the best possible way,
    making sure that you don't need to worry about finding the right Ayi for you!


    We greatly appreciate your help in our adventure so far, and we are very excited for the journey ahead!


    Send a WeChat message to id: AyiMatchmakers, or submit your details in the below contact form.


  • What We Do

    We help you find the right domestic helper

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    Long term Ayi

    For the everyday need

    In the routine of everyday life, a long term Ayi is the answer to your needs. She can be employed either part time or full time. The Ayi can either live in your residence, or live at her own place (live-out).

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    Short term Ayi

    For the temporary requirement

    Sometimes you may need help with a one-time cleaning, one night of babysitting or maybe a one-month extra busy period in your household. Temporary Ayis can assist with this need.





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    For the new mum and baby

    Having a newborn baby is a gift - But also a strain on the family and not least the mum. A Yuesao is a maternity matron that helps in the first busy month after the delivery with everything from baby's bellybutton care to special postpartum meal preparation for the new mum.

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    When you need a break

    Everyone needs a night out once in a while. Some people have a regular babysitter for that weekly date-night; others just for the random night out.

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    Dumpling home party

    Learn how to make Chinese dumplings!

    We come to your house and teach you and your guests how to make your own home-made healthy dumplings. We only use meat without hormones and antibiotics. Throw your next party at home, and learn how to make delicious Chinese dumplings from scratch.

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    For your transport needs

    Driving in Shanghai is complicated, why many people have a driver. It may be for the transportation to the office, or taking the children to school or activities.

  • How it works

    The way it all works



    You send us the detailed requirements you have to your future Ayi.



    Lean back, and wait for us to do the work!

    We will research to find your match.



    We bring candidates for interview that we both agree could be a match.



    When you have identified the right candidate for your family, a trial starts.



    If you are happy with the performance of the Ayi, the contract is signed.


    Want to know more?

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    Saturday 10:00-18:00
    Bonnie +86 1510214448 / Yolanda +86 18721557841